27.10.2008 - 27.11.2008


...just dealing with what we know about world, or what we might get to know about world and with our most important subject: life itself - I wanted to set up an athmosphere in this room, that could animate to think about basic ideas or even first reduces. Basic ideas like: When electric light had turned the night into a day, it changed more than human being. Basic ideas like: What do we have in the end - based on cultur, following human requirements and and losing or maybe ignoring
the natural feeling for elemental balance?
It‘s a kind of scenario, like a vision - bringing the desert indoor. Putting the unbelievable waste of energy into 25 bulbs - devoid of meaning hanging around. Recovering yourself amidst thislight-forest - there is maybe a romantic, comfortable feeling because of the warm shining yellow. But never the less this yellow is just the connecting element, it creats a really own reality right in the
moment you‘re in. But listen to the natural sounds of wind and forest ground, you can hear birds chirping from the trees, closing eyes, encounter life in its origin, green, free mind. Just token away or maybe you recognize there is something missing. May open your eyes and can‘t see the wood for the bulbs - or do you?
Perhaps it could be a contempory parable to human interests...


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