28.09.2010 - 08.10.2010


The rough small artspace Yongkang Road 64 under the direction of Konstantin Bayer presents THE WILD DAYS, a solo exhibition by Lars Wild.
Lars Wild is a German artist based in Weimar. His impulsive and complex paintings and drawings confess a psychological grey area of human being and his own inner distraction. He explores a view into a aimless and future fearing young German generations mind. Feel welcome to take a look at this small overview of Lars Wilds work. Lars Wild was born in Gotha (Germany) in 1981, where he also went to school. He also had his first education at the retail business person for photografic technology. After his first education he stopped doing something instead of painting for three years. After this time he started to study fine arts at Bauhaus-University Weimar in 2003. 2008 he became grant recipient at the Galerie Eigenheim (Germany) and belonged subsequently to the circle of permanent artist. Lars Wild belonged to the Gothaer Group, which Konstantin Bayer was also a part of. From an artistic and biographical perspective, being part of the establishment of the Galerie Eigenheim also helped with his own professional development. In the beginning, Wild‘s artistic concepts were expressed in the form of graffiti. The motivation for such work stemmed from an interest in situations and themes relating to social helplessness and dependency. This was the starting point for what became a regular situation for Wild; being in a state of constant self-reflection and observation. Personal sensitivity allows him to be in tune with subjects and objects in his work. Wild always finds painting to be emotionally confronting. Hence, his work is always sincere and honest.


Galerie Eigenheim

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