22.06.2007 - 23.07.2007


„the forthcoming spring“ - record release party / radioparty It began with their very first scream… Maybe a bit later - when they were five years old and learned to whistle. At ten - when they plucked guitar strings. At eighteen - when they rummaged around in sample banks. Or maybe even later in 2006 - when Martin decided after several EP’s and metamorphoses to open the club for one more. So Christopher and Martin met in Weimar this Autumn 2006 to imagine it was Spring.

Galerie Eigenheim

WEIMAR EIGENHEIM Weimar / Asbachstrasse 1, 99423 Weimar / weimar@galerie-eigenheim.de
BERLIN EIGENHEIM Berlin / Kantstraße 28, 10623 Berlin / berlin@galerie-eigenheim.de
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