30.08.2008 - 27.09.2013


„Real Image Kitchen“
An empty gallery, a dark room, 4 photographers and a creative living atmosphere – that is the Island 6 Shack´s “Real Image Kitchen”. Day by day, artists Julia Scorna, Gao Chang, Caucasso Lee Jun and Konstantin Bayer developed and enlarged film material onto silver paper, eventually filling the gallery with pictures. With different sizes, different styles, unique techniques and many individual perspectives, every visitor to the gallery could be sure to find something interesting. There were hundreds of photographs on display, all of which were for sale. Prices
ranged between ¥50 and ¥3000, so the pictures were perfect for a christmas gift or souvenir. The gallery had a lovely calm atmosphere and was open every day. We also provided special services for the visitors that ordinarily would not be offered at other galleries. For instance, they could choose a picture they liked, wait an hour and have it developed on the spot by one of the artists. We commenced working on the project on 16th November, 2008 and the exhibition was held until 4th January 2009. After 6 weeks of working in the darkroom, the exhibition “Real Image Kitchen” - photography in progress – was finally complete. The room was filled with silver paper and film material. In this project we were able to facilitate a cultural exchange using each artists‘ individual perspective. In the end the project was more like an installation. We (Caucasso Lee Jun, Julia Scorna, Gao Chang and Konstantin Bayer) celebrated the last two days in a communal ‚darkroom experience‘. During the last two days we also provided some extra artistic services for our visitors.
Aside from the exhibition being well received, it was also a financially successful as we managed to sell 60 pictures.


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