30.05.2008 - 30.06.2008


The action of travelling is a movement that drives to a development of a personal imaginary. Travel, a powerful source of change, activates an accumulation of images that causes a particular narrative of space by performing the experience of exploring. This contact with the otherness and continuous reflection on personal identity, that involves the action of travel, is the main subject of the intervention of Nayari Castillo. Using the traveller’s metaphor, the anxiety for the sea (Meer-weh) and the tropical dream, Castillo develops a video diary of an imaginary movement, which registers the experience within a foreign environment. The video is an invitation to the Ernst Thälmann Island, which was a symbolic gift from Fidel Castro to GDR government in 1972. The events cited by the artist evoke the impressions of a German voyager travelling to the Caribbean land; this island is not only a small-unexplored territory, but also a real remain of the GDR in actual time. Working with “OSTALGIE”, a nostalgic German voice of the former GDR times, the artist takes into consideration historical ideas and images of the period. She produces a video-piece that combines, playfully, GDR-memories and experiences in the tropics, producing a portrait of the travel.Hipatia Amos - (Independent curator)

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