Group exhibition of latinamerican artists

15.06.2019 / 7pm
duration 16.06. – 29.06.2017 

participating artists Paula Anguita, Jacinta Besa, José Délano, Muriel Gallardo, Marcela Moraga, María Muñoz, Natalia Urnía, Amalia Valdés, Pablo Zuleta Zahr

Latin America is a land of deep contrasts, both geographically and culturally. Its history is the history of the permanent confrontation between abstraction and nature, order and chaos, reason and intuition. In its deepest essence, the Latin American identity can be understood as a dialectical synthesis of these primordial forces, set in permanent tension. And this has in turn determined the character of its cultural productions, particularly in the field of visual creation.

Raue Strömung, the first exhibition of the platform of Latin American artists Kap Hoorn, is constituted by the recent work, created especially for the exhibition of 10 chilean artists residing in Berlin. Beyond their natural diversity in formal terms, they share as a common feature a marked sensitivity for the matter with which they are conformed. The expressive qualities of materials as diverse as metal, glass, textiles, paper, ceramics, plasticine and objets trouvés, are put into value through careful processes of transformation which, due to their subtle nature, refer to the work of goldsmiths and craftsmen, who do not force the material substrate but know how to understand matter in its most profound laws.

This know-how with matter is the fertile ground that allows the identity roots to emerge, dialogue and bear fruit: from abstract geometric patterns related to the Latin American tradition of kinetic art and indigenous iconographies, to the presence of the landscape with all its Telluric-symbolic burden; From the complexity of fabrics woven with the traces of wear and memory, to the richness of mythical cartographies and hand drawings loaded with sign references.

In the work of these artists, abstraction and sensuality, Brasilia and Macondo, these forces and primordial visions that gave shape to that complex reality we call Latin America, converge again into a remarkable and unique alchemical synthesis: Raue Strömung (raw currents).

Artistic direction – José Délano
Production – Felipe González van Cauwelaert