The Independent Photographer – annual exhibition

06.10.2017 von 18 bis 22 Uhr

Duration 05.10.2017 – 09.10.2017

The Independent Photographer invites you to Eigenheim Galerie for the opening of the Talents of the Year Exhibition and the official release of the Talents of the year Photobook! Eigenheim Galerie will showcase all award-winning images from this year competition awards bringing the talent and flair of each photographer to the public. The event will see the official release of the 'Talents of the Year' 2016/2017 Photobook. Grab a copy and bring the work of all the talented photographers home!

Join us for a drink or two and get the chance to discover the work of international artists hailing from over 35 countries! The Independent Photographer is an online photographer community and competition award dedicated to sharing and bringing exposure to the work of international photographers.

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