27.07.2008 - 27.07.2008


„God forgive us“ - Konstantin Bayer, Tillmann Porschütz, Lars Wild

It is sometimes difficult to figure out how cultures are different from each other, even though it often seems so clean-cut. Tangible factors that make a culture into a culture are comparable: history, religion, landscape. The basic component is and remains the person; cause and effect. In the exhibition God Forgive Us, three German artists reflect on their relationship to culture and person. One would like to categorize their works according to contents reflecting emotional, social and historical aspects; however, it is taboo and the darker side of humanity that comes to bear in paintings from Lars Wild, concretesculptures from Konstantin Bayer and photographs from Tilman Porschütz, who will individually be described in further detail. Together, however, their art works deliberate. The color gray dominates the works of the Bauhaus students from Weimar and reflects German identity, even when they try to understand it in their own ways. In this sense, the name of the exhibition God Forgive Us can be understood in a broader context. Pardon always takes place on a reflectivelevel - religiously as with worldly. We expect people to pardon themselves, we expect it also from history, nature, generations... God works here on the level of „pardon“ on an imaginary level. At this point the exhibition moves to human traits, which can be sought and found independent of cultures. Social pressure, historical blindness, emotional insecurity...


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