15.07.2008 - 15.08.2008


I taped the floor plan of this gallery on a ground at a small park on the corner of Huaihai and Xiangyang road. To stay close to this done performance and installation afterwarts the letter everyone could take with him. It was availible in english and chinese. The reaktion was quite friendly and interested……more information even a documentation coming up next… “I am a german exchange student studying Fine Arts at Tongji-University. This is my first public art action in China with the goal to try to find out for myself what the rhythm of this City-Shanghai- is, while I, by myself , don’t move. For one week, I will be in that place for one hour, everyday at another daytime. My intervention is about creating a space which exists in imagination, as well a location of possible interaction, communication with me. The geometrical composition on the floor stays in relation with the floor plan of the Gallery in my hometown Weimar, so called “Galerie Eigenheim”. It is a temporary construct and can be taken away without any disadvantages within 2 minutes. I will remain in china for one year, so far my Chinese is unfortunately very poor, so please apologize this for the moment, next to my art studies I just started to learn some Chinese. I think that everybody who wants to discover new cultures take something with him deep in his heart what he wants to open somebody unknown from a different culture. I am open-hearted , open-minded, political neutral and would be very delighted to have any kind of communication with you, gesticulation, in english, or smiling. Konstantin Bayer,, 13918294297″ eigenheim shanghai

Galerie Eigenheim

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