Darryn Harkness - “Relativity”

Darryn Harkness - “Relativity”Darryn Harkness and The Institute Of Telepathic Research In Association With NEW TELEPATHICS present “Relativity”: An installation of sound works and performance, including self built experimental instruments – where each sound work, instrument and the space itself aims to explore the potential of communication through music.from 5:30 til 6:30pm Darryn Harkness solo - the recorded collision of sound works, improvised performance and atmosphere – where each days performance is recorded over the previous, producing a CD after the 5th day.30.01.2007 NEW TELEPATHICS, a fully improvised set31.01.2007 NEW TELEPATHICS, further improvisations featuring very special guests01.02.2007 NEW TELEPATHICS, guitar-, bass- and drum-based songs and resonance calculations03.02.2007 NEW TELEPATHICS bring their arrangements, songs, improv, live loops and further rhythm and tone research03.02. - 11.02.2007 Darryn Harkness taking an artistic vacation at the Eigenheim Galerie, making music and feeling quite good about it.11.02.2007 Kurzfilmnacht in der Galerie Eigenheim with commentary from resident artist Darryn Harkness.