Mehmet Ali Uysal - Ex Libris

Mehmet Ali Uysal - Ex Libris Ausstellung vom 19.05. bis zum 29.05.2008

I wonder how I do not think much about anything during this long trip. I would be able to get away. Although I am going from one place to another, I am here with the meaninglessness of changing places. A long trip is just in front of me. 11 hours. Fuck. How can I manage it? Time has just stopped, trying not to pass. Book! I should read a book. It should be nice to read something. And I am starting to read it. Page by page. Page by page. Page by page…

Der aus der Türkei stammende Künstler zeigt großformatige Skulpturen und Installationen. Zur Vernissage am 19.05.2008 spielen ab 23 Uhr das Hannesdaerrtrio.

Vielen Dank an Gutenberg Druckerei Weimar, e-werk weimar e.V. und der Buchbindermeisterin Silke Steinhagen.